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We have three main product lines:

Paint overspray protection and Car clean solutions:

1.Masking film/Pre-taped masking film: Corona treated HDPE film rolls to cover the car, window, floor, furniture against paint overspray pollution during auto refinishing and house painting.

2.Disposable Car cleaning set: Disposable plastic seat cover, steering wheel cover, foot mat, hand break over(optional), gear shift cover(optional) packed into 1 kit, in order to keep the car clean during test drive, maintenance, repairing or exhibition.

3.Plastic Dust sheet/drop cloth: Single layer plastic sheetings or rolls, widely used as dust-free cover to keep the floor,furnitures clean during house painting and decorating works.

4.Leather Fender Cover: Non-slip leather surface with a thick foam underlay to help protect the fender against dropped tools, oil pollution, scratch damage during repairing.

Custom Packaging Solutions:

1.Poly mailer: Heavy duty self adhesive poly bag, waterproof, high tensile strength keeps your goods clean and safe during delivery.

2.Trash bag: Widely used in kitcken,hotel,office and most public places, ultra durable, indispensable for sanitation.

3.Plastic packing bag: It could be flat, gusseted,T-shit,loose or on roll packed, meets your various needs of packing.

Plastic wrap:

1.Stretch film: 1.High transparence plastic wrap with strong puncture resistance, widely used in pallet packing, cargo delivery, storage, could be operated by manual and machinery.

2.Plastic wrap: 2.Heavy duty plastic film widely used in large-scale industrial such as glass packing, lumber wrapping, construction project, agriculture,etc.

3.PE shrink film: Plastic sheetings or tubes who can shrink tightly over whatever it is covering when heated by heat gun or heat tunnel. It is commonly used as an overwrap on cartons, beverage cans, pallets load, electric wiring and so on, keep them clean or add tamper resistance.

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