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Compared PU Artificial Leather and Natural Leather

Mar. 20, 2017 17:52:47

1.Polyurethane artificial leather and leather can be completely confused. After a high level treatment of polyurethane synthetic leather, and leather in the color and feel, even no difference in permeability, even better than the leather.

2.Polyurethane artificial leather is not afraid of water, oil, temperature changes, so it is easier than the leather care and maintenance.

3.Polyurethane artificial leather should not breed bacteria, which is also available in the dermis.

4.The price is much lower than leather.

Base fabric is generally divided into cotton, canvas, non-woven fabrics and other different types, different fabrics will be artificial leather flexibility and life impact. We can manufacturer and supply PU synthetic leather, PE Aprons, car cover, fender cover, PE gloves, courier bag, etc, welcome to visit and contact us.

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